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Nanjing feiteng chemical co., LTD., which is located in the suzhong area, is a convenient transportation environment and has more than 100 employees and technicians. Production products include: silane coupling agent, titanium acid ester coupling agent, titanium acid tetra-propyl ester, polyurethane series products, nearly 100 varieties, the annual output of more than ten thousand tons.

The company has a good investment environment and solid foundation of cooperation. In line with the tenet of "keep improving, abidioy his credit", carry forward the "unity, progressive, pragmatic, dedication" spirit of enterprise, the pursuit of "first-class reputation, first-class management, first-class service, first-class team" of the chemical enterprise, each email is a fit staff will point to, stick to The Times, have the courage to climb, for China's chemical industry to contribute!

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Addr:Gulou District of Nanjing city dragon Chian No. 62 Building No. 5 room 404  Tel:025-58771286    
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